160 lessons of 1 hour per lesson


1 Year Exclusive DJ & Production Course

Anyone looking for a program that is not only unique, but as well has an international standard, the 1 Year Exclusive DJ & Production Course is perfect.

You will receive the equal of a typical three-year course in the matter of one year. In addition every student will receive intensive one-on-one training in both DJ as well as Production.

During this course, our students are able to truly to excel. Every student will receive all the necessary DJ as well as Music Production equipment. On top of that, you will be able to practice as well as record what you learn during your lessons.

Retro Music is the perfect second home for upcoming DJ’s or Producers. Retro Music is the perfect second home for upcoming DJ’s or Producers. Students can work on their personal projects for Djing and Producing on professional facilities.

To have your songs to not be only recognised but also signed to international record labels only takes passion and talent.

DJ and Production work hand in hand. Combining these two creates something magical. This is why Retro Music’s DJ and Production Complete Course is one of our proudest offerings.

Once in this course, you will learn on the industry’s top equipment as well as sound systems. Once your course has been completed, you will be able to make your own songs as well as be able to mix comfortably in front of an Audience.

  • Intensive practical training that incorporates the necessary and relevant theory
  • Designated hours to use Retro Music’s facilities for your personal use
  • Receive DJ and Production equipment valued at R22 000 at no charge!
  • You will be mentored by professional DJ’s as well as Studio Engineers.
  • Stand the chance to get signed to International as well as Local Record Labels a play at local music festivals 
  • Monthly Payment Plan
    R80 000