40 lessons of 1 hour per lesson + 4 Live Recordings


This is our most extensive DJ Course that we have to offer here at Retro Music. Hosted in a 1 on 1 environment in a World-class Facility. This Facility simulates a real world Pioneer 2000Nexus DJ Booth Set-up. This is then routed through a class leading Funktion One Speaker System.

We take great pride in this DJ Course as we sign our name behind every individual student that has successfully completed this Course with us. We are proud in that they would be able to Mix Professionally with Confidence and acquire a Professional Unique global style.

Helping our students feel comfortable enough to come out of their shells whilst we push those creative boundaries is what our Complete Course Process is truly about. It doesn’t matter on the age of the students or where they come from. What truly does make a difference and matters the most is that you take the next step by enrolling yourself whilst letting us achieve these goals to be a Great Dj!

  • DJ Level 1: The Start | Learning The Essentials I
  • DJ Level 2: Phrase Mixing | Essentials II
  • DJ Level 3: Beyond The Blend | Intermediate Skills
  • DJ Level 4: Preparation | DJ Psychology
  • DJ Level 5: Classroom to the Club | Advanced Techniques I
  • DJ Level 6: Club to the World | Advanced Techniques II

What You’ll Need :

  • Headphones with 1/8″ to 1/4″ adapter  (We do sell headphones)
  • USB Flash Drive
  • Monthly Payment Plan
    R23 500
    • OPTION 1