20 lessons of 1 hour per lesson


Retro Music is proud to present its latest Production Traning Course. The Genre Specific Course is based on your unique and chosen genre in music. Here is your chance to delve deep into the making of your favourite music. Our internationally acclaimed instructors will take you through all the different stages of production.

You get the chance to dig deep into the heart of your most liked music genre. The Genre Specific Course lets you work on one of your favourite music categories.

The Genre Specific Course Summary

Your course starts at the core of your Genre. You will learn the complete history around your genre. This history subject will also include other genres that might have created as well as influenced your genre.

The Synthesis and Sequencing classes come next. Be taught the techniques behind your genre as well as how to generate sound using electronic hardware or software.

Our engineer will teach you the industry standard of composition (arrangements) methods in your choice of genre.

The trait of a remixing is taking 1 piece of work and changing it appropriately. By changing materials, a remix creates something completely new.

This Genre Specific Course will teach and guide you on how to remix with your favorite genre.

The cherry on top is the Mixing and Mastering class. Here you will be taught on how to mix the correct way. The art of combining two seperate tracks to form one final track will be taught as well as practiced. When you have completed this you will learn how to master. By knowing how to master, you will be able to prepare an audio mix that will be good enough quality for distribution. The mastering process happens post audio production as well as in our Studio.

  • Genre History
  • Synthesis and Sequencing
  • Composition (Arrangement)
  • Remixing
  • Mixing and Mastering
  • Monthly Payment Plan
    R8 500