Retro Music and Funktion-One, understand that sound is the most important of our senses. In fact, Music is the root as well as the structure of the Universe. Thus, respect must be paid to the amazing sharpness of the human hearing. At Retro we provide products that deliver as much resolution as well as detail as possible. We also pay large amounts of attention to the emotional effect of music, as well as the sound itself. As quoted by Funktion One, “We understand sound to be the most important of our senses and in fact, the root of the structure of the entire Universe.”

In today’s world, most things get dumbed down. Due to this, passion is quickly disappearing. It is a source of pride that we go the opposite direction of this new norm. On a spiritual level, good music as well as sound have the effect of opening peoples’ minds. Most important, music deepens our consciousness .

Let us change your world by changing the quality of the sound you listen to..

Retro Music prides itself with up to date with the very best, when it comes to audio and music equipment.


To enquire about the pricing and more info of the Funktion-One, fell free to contact us either via email, SMS or via telephone. Please keep in mind that the Funktion-One is made to order. Thus, the products pricing may vary depending on the exchange rate at the time.

All new orders are made for each client individually. These orders take up to 1 month to build. The order will take approximately one month to ship.


Retro Music hires out different Funktion-One systems. Our aim is to have unmatched audio quality. We also aim to have excellent customer service. If you have an interest or want to hire any equipment, simply contact us. You can either give us a call on 072 694 9917 or send us an email to

All our contact details can be found in our contact us page.