The Retro Music recording Studio is a facility for sound recording and mixing. Our Studio has the ability to do music and production related demands. The services at our Studio include Recording of  Musician and Voice Over Artists. We also offer Dialogue Replacement for Film, Television or Animation. The reproduction of everyday sound effects, known as Foley, is also available.

Our air-conditioned recording Studio is large as well as phonically designed. The room has been acoustically treated with absorbers that soak up the sound. The studio also has a bass traps to provide an accurate mixing atmosphere. In other words, our Studio is industrial standard. This means is that you trust that your mix will sound good in the recording room as well as when your music is played on any system. The room is seperated from other rooms and features a floating wood floor as well as a comfortable sofa.

The insulated recording booth has been designed to be acoustical. It can be used for vocals as well as for isolation of amps during live tracking. The booth measures roughly 3m by 2m and features a floating wood floor and sight lines the control room.

We offer a custome range of studio solutions as well as services, which include:







Retro Room DJ Session Rates

Retro Music Studio Session Rates

  • Mastering
    R700 / Track
    • Discount : 5 Tracks or more
  • Mixing
    R1100 / Track
    • Discount : 5 tracks or more

The Studio Facility is a hybrid domain based on the best gear in the industry. The gear includes Allen & Heath’s QU16 mixing console and the Shadow Hills microphone. We also have Pre Amps such as Supernova Novation synthesizers and Emu Hardware. Retro also has the very best in soft synths and plugins. These include the Komplete from Native Instruments.

All this is linked into Mac Pro workstations (i7/8gb RAM /2TB) and DAW’s. The DAW’s are driven by Pro Tools, Cubase & Logic. Our two different monitoring systems include the JBL LSR4300 Series and a pair of F101 tops and two MB212 subwoofers from Funktion-One. This truly unique audio monitoring system gives you an unmatched experience. You will hear the true sound quality of your work when mixing and producing.